Staten Island Car Show

This past weekend I had the honor of taking pictures at the 1st Legendary Muscle Car Auto Club car show. The guys are regulars at Resorts World car show that I go to every Tuesday so it only makes sense that I would go out there and take some photos for them. Would also be a good chance for me to test out the camera settings and play with things a bit. I have never shot on Staten Island car show so this would be a first for me.

I decided when I got there that I would cover this as if it were a wedding. Sounds stupid I know but I wanted to make sure I captured every car, every trophy given out, and pictures of the club members and of course their rides. Rob was nice enough to pick me up and drive me over to Staten Island so we could get there early for when the cars rolled in. Below you can see the guys from the Mustang clubs rolling in. This was a challenge with the early morning and the trees putting the cars in the shade.

Cars rolling into Staten Island car show

After everyone pulled in it was time to take pictures of the members rides since they were all parked in a side street along side the Church. I didn’t realize this at the time but it played well into my hands later as I broke the albums up into groups. Below is a couple of members cars. Notice the reflection of the cars with the trees. Little did I know that these would be better than the ones I took at noon when the sun made the pictures way overexposed.

Red car at Staten island car show

black car at staten island car show.

After taking a few hundred pics of the members cars it was time to head inside and take some photos of the cars that were there to be judged at the show. While I would love to show you all the cars that were there putting 200 up on this page would be a disaster. I will have links to the Facebook albums below.

Many of these cars I have photographed before so I was looking for some new angles and things that were different. Usually I hate it when the cars have the hoods open but a few were easy on the eye and fun.

hood up on car

Minions on a air filter

Being that the sun was shining right down on the trophies I didn’t have a choice but to take some photo’s of them glistening in the sun. These were brighter than the photo appears. The real color had them looking a bit washed out with the sun on them. I added a little gold to them.


70 Cars In One Picture in Staten Island

Of course when opportunity comes knocking and someone says “Hey you want to shoot photos from the roof” you always say yes. Below is a 12 photo stitch that actually came out better than I thought. Since I didn’t adjust my stance after the second picture it actually made a V with the cars. Usually this would bother me but it came out great. There is actually 70 cars in the shot.

car photos from roof

Something else pretty cool happened at the car show. A few weeks ago I took a photo of a car and the owner showed it to the car wax company and they used my photo on their bottle. It was first time I saw it in person. I am not sure what is cooler, having your photos seen on CNN by millions of people or to have it on a product you can hold in your hands.

wax for car

Of course then it was time for drivers to get trophies for their rides. It is always easy to take pictures of happy people smiling when the accept and award. Everyone is in a good mood and happy to have their pictures taken.
winners at car show getting a trophy

The only thing left to do is take a photo of the club members. Needless to say getting 50 people organized in a under a minute was a huge task but as I stood across the street waiting for cars to stop going by. I give wedding photographers a lot of credit for this.

legendary muscle car members

It was a great day and the camera really didn’t use much battery at all. I did swap the batteries at half way point in the show so I wouldn’t miss any shots because of dead batteries. All these photos were taken with the Canon 7d Mark II (Affiliate Link) and a Tamron 18-270 lens. If you want to see more head over to Camerawe Facebook page. While you are there give us a “Like” and a share.